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What is Obvious Winner and why do I care?

Obvious Winner is made entirely out of pictures, videos, animations, geekiness and complete awesome. The kind of complete awesome that you want to jam directly into your brain (via eyeballs) at every waking moment of your goddamn day awesome. I search through the greatest of sites, feeds, and inter-dimensional portals to bring you the little bits of the internet that YOU want to need.


Common Random Questions

I have Facebook and/or Twitter, Can I get updates from Obvious Winner?

You can go here to fan our facebook page and you can go here to follow our twitter feed. Both of these options puts up-to-date pictures, videos, news stories and cool links RIGHT in your newsfeed. Yep.... you're welcome.


Can I submit a picture or video to Obvious Winner ?

All you have to do is go to our contact page, and send the link to the photo or video that you think is awesome. Mind you, not all are selected and to be brutally honest, I may never thank you for the effort, but I sure love seeing suggestions. :)


I want to become a friend to Obvious Winner and do a blogroll or link trade!

Go to our contact page, send me a link with your site name and URL. If you are full of badassery, we can do business.


Where do you find all this crap?

 Friends, family, coworkers, whispers from ghouls and spectres, screaming children, inscriptions on the blades of two-handed great swords, total random clicking, and a healthy daily fishing within the sea of noise.


Having a problem with a post?

 OK, first off... if you made it on Obvious Winner, you should thank the shit out of me. I am a GOOD dude with a great sense of humor and superb taste. Secondly, I get it... you might be a total shit and have some sort of issue with fame. If this is the case, feel free to send me a msg and I will review your claim and resolve it to the best of both of our needs.


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Who in the hell are you?

The End.