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Born a Smartypants? Study Shows You Will Like to Booze it Up

You got the smarts. Your friends know it, your parents know it, your dog knows it. But, do they know that you are destined to develop a hardcore thirst for alcohol? A pair of new studies, one done by the British, the other by the Americans say that if you are intellectually superior to your peers, you might lust after the brain soothing qualities found within' booze.

"[...] more intelligent children in both studies grew up to drink alcohol more frequently and in greater quantities than less intelligent children."

Apparently, we tend to booze so we can tolerate everyone else. Of course, this article is a good amount of opinion mixed with fact, or maybe the author was too smart for his own good and wrote it while being intoxicated. Either way, we finally have an excuse.

Go [ here ] and read all about it. 

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I know tons of brits who drink silly amounts, and they are thick as shit before they drink and beyond thick after drinking! The best way to tolerate idiots is to organise a mass exam and execute those who score beneath a set threshold

November 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGeiger

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