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Most Impressive: Awesome Video Roundup of DIY Custom LightSabers

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age and now we (humans) are able to replicate the look and feel of these ultra futuristic blades with the use of LEDs, EL, and some awesome crystal focus technology. The lightsaber videos you are about to watch are pieces of art more than are mere collector items. Many of these custom lightsabers go for around $1000 and, honestly, they look well worth it.

Read on to view all of my favorite Light Saber videos for you to watch in awe.

Aurora Purple 10W Crystal Focus Lightsaber

Malum Diabolus Custom Crystal Focus 4.3 CF Aluminum Machined Lightsaber

Luke ROTJ V2 with Crystal Chassis

Graflex IV Crystal Focus Luxeon Lightsaber with Drilled Quartz Crystal Chamber

Redemptor - TCSS Custom Saber Contest Winner

EOS - 10 Watt Amber Custom Lightsaber

Gemini Concepts Presents.... Jedye's Fury Custom Lightsaber

Gemini Concepts Presents... "Kaminari" Custom Lightsaber

Sentus Dominus Custom Saber w/LEDEngin 5W Green & US 2.5

Focus powered custom Lightsaber Ferus Gladius

Jaina Solo EU Custom Purple Saber!


For more info on these lightsabers... check out these sites.

[ Vader's Vault ] [ hyperblade ] [ ultrasabers ] [ park sabers ] [ fx sabers ] [ saber project ]

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i have ask how much cost the purple lightsaber only with saber Sound can send me a emai how much this is

January 27, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterme

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