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Have a Yoda of a Halloween with Realistic Star Wars Pumpkin Carvings

Darth Vader vs. Yoda on a pumpkin battle on your doorstep? Heck yeah! It is hard to believe that these pumpkin carvings are real. Right? I mean, something has to be up with this. Well, there is... these are actually "faux pumpkins" called Gemmy Craft Pumpkins actually hand-carved to look just like a real pumpkin. This allows the artist to pretty much put whatever glowingly spooky image possible on it and it will last forever. Keep going to see more designs.

On the light side of the force, these suckers are guanteed to last for a long long time. Real pumpkin or not, these pumpkins are still decently awesome and probably deserve to be on your stoop at all costs. Maybe?

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