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Check Out This Full Scale Halo Sniper Rifle Made out of LEGO

Nick Jenson just spent an ungodly amount of time building this 10.5 pound - 63 inch long sniper rifle purely out of LEGO for you and I to wish we had built it for ourselves. It is called the "System 99 Anti-Matériel" and it is from Halo Reach. Read on to see close up of this super badass creation.

Thanks go to Jonathan for the heads up. Rumor is he used to look at his balls with a high powered flashlight and try to count all the veins.

[ nick jenson's flickr ] [ source ] via [ geekologie ]

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Very cool Sniper Rifle, but someone needs to get laid.

November 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterStoic Person Eater

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