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Custom Dark War Glaive Purple Lightsaber is The Awesome

This here is my very new Dark War Glaive lightsaber by ultrasabers and I figured that I would share it with you because it is that badass. It boasts an ultra bright P4 Seoul LED that casts a pretty gnarly purple/magenta lightsaber blade.

I walked all the way home from work waving this around like a wild man lunatic and let me tell you, it was fun as hell. Read on to see more pics and a quick little video of what it looks like powering up and down.

For comparison.

Top to bottom: Luke ROTJ Green - Violet Amethyst Dark War Glaive - Darth Vader Red

Blade LED Color:Violet Amethyst

UltraEdge Blade

Li-Ion Batteries

Obsidian USB Sound w/ Blue Illuminated AV Switch

[ ultrasabers ]


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