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Dude Tattoos Over 10,000 URLs on his Body with Hopes to Hit 100,000

That's right, Pat Vaillancourt has 10,000 website addresses inked on his back and is looking to hit 100,000. He plans on selling each URL for $35 a piece and since he is such a nice guy he plans on donating half of the money to help the people of Haiti and Somalia. As an added bonus he will add your URL up on his website back2thelight.com along with 999,999 others that you or anyone will never click, ever.

"His friend, a tattoo artist, takes between 1 hour – hour and a half to execute 100 URLs, so Vaillancourt says the project will be completed in 10,000 – 12,000 work hours."

So in the end, this dude will be covered from head-to-toe in URLs, personally I'd rather look like [this]. 

[ source ] via [ geekosystem ]

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At least that artist will have plenty of work for a little while, 1.75M to charity isn't bad either.

I don't know about the record though, is there really a record to be broken? You'd think he's broken it a hundred times over at least by now.

tattoo quotes and sayings

December 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAndre

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