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Major Lazer Adds 'Epic Polearm Grandma' to the Jian Sword Dance

Nothing like a beat bumpin jian sword fight dance when Granny decides to bring a large bladed polearm to the show. This seems to be a bit of an upgrade from the very recent [ jian sword dancing video ], which we all know and love. This video just feeeeeeeeeeeeels good.

Thanks to Caleb for the heads up on this, rumor has it that he has a way bigger iphone in his pants than any of you out there. Or wait.. he just might be happy to see me. Who knows (I do).

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Hehehe, she almost nailed the dog with the pole arm at one point. that would have been freaking funny!

December 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJiggily Joe

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