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Futuristic Boozing from a Bio-Mechanical Cocktail Making Dress

Called DareDroid 2.0 - The human host wearing the suit will give you a cocktail based on your answers to a game of 'Truth or Dare'. Apparently, you play the game on a touch screen and you are rewarded with a drink depending on the "legitimacy" of your answer. They claim that the fluid dispensed is non-alcoholic, but who is kidding who? By the end of a night of questioning, that lady and her suit are coming home with me regardless of what it pumps out.

Read on to watch a video of the suit in action with a much better explaination along with some pretty robo-drunkenly slick pics.

One of the best aspects of this suit is that it has built in pretty blue LEDs and glows a lovely haze of seduction, a moth to the booze flame. I sure do love a nice glowy dress that gives me shots of whisky.

Spotted at [ v2 ]

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