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Star Trek Communicator Burlesque Pasties for Hot Vulcan Women Sexiness

Well beam me up. Whatever is going on here with these geeky Star Trek pasties and this hyper attractive woman with pointy vulcan ears is working quite nicely. So, if you are a lady that looks remotely like the lady above, $30 can get you some nipple covers that will knock any man's Spocks off. Get it? Socks? Spocks? Ok, well I slapped my knee for you. 

To be honest, I can see a young Romulan officer wearing these as well. Yep, sure can. Read on for product shot.

"Amazing gold bridal satin with black rhinestone trim fashioned into the shape of the iconic sci-fi insignia."

[ etsy store ] via [ geekleetist ]

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Vulcans would never defile their bodies with tattoos... Body art is illogical.

August 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJohn C.D.

Jade Winehouse. Amy Winehouse's hotter, drug-free sister.

August 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHardwyre


August 25, 2011 | Registered Commenterkhz

Sensors indicate two silicon lifeforms; They are accompanied by a shortening of my pants.
Most illogical.

October 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJordan

It's a shame really, All that delicious hotness ruined by all the nasty ass fucking tattoos…. Ruined I tell you! Now don't get me wrong I seen hot chicks with tattoos it look really cool, In fact I used to run the service calls and there was this little fast food joint I would stop bad as often as I could because the tattoo parlor that was Across the street had the absolute hottest chick ever and she was covered in tattoos. … Of course the tattoos that she had were actually tasteful and arty in a way and didn't have writing all over which always is the gayest thing ever to see even, if it's writing about your dead family members.

So Seeing This exceedingly good-looking chick covered with all the stupidness; Peoples names tattooed on, pictures of squirrels and odd stupid crap like little hearts and chocolate kisses?! She's either tragically fucking retarded and stupid and I don't mean retarded a good way like the kid that doesn't have all the faculties that normal person but retarded like the idiots on that show Jackass and slightly less retarded like the people who watch it and therefore encouraged the financial institutions to keep on making that junk. (Urg, Sorry that was a little side ran,t didn't even get off my main rant :-).

… But even say the hot chick I like to look at in the tattoo parlor with all the cool ass looking tattoos that for some reason make her look super hot even now, she would probably be just as hot without them, has its downfall;(That was a beautiful run-on sentence! ); In about 10 years from now when she starts getting a little bit older they're going to look...oh let's just say not so good, about five years after that they're going to start to look out of place, And about five years out after that to the Endeavor life is going to look everywhere from awful to oh my god that is freaking said yes and nasty wrinkle shit. Nobody wants to see tattoos on an old person, nobody. I sure as fuck wouldn't want to see tattoos on my mother or my grandmother!

No mind you I'm not a pious bitch, I have a tattoo myself so it's not like I am speaking like a pasty white preacher boy. … And being 44 now having hip not quite middle-age I can look back and remember sometimes, all of the stupid fun shit that I did the sick twisted shit I did the cool twisted shit I did and illegal shit that I did (not that I would do anything illegal…ahem... I just put that in there for drama effect… Ahem). .... And ironically I can look back and say with a sick twisted smile that yes my parents were more often right than wrong when they told me to do or not do something :-)

Well dammit, I ranted so long I forgot the other issue wanted to rant about ! ... All this being said if they young lady in the picture above actually knows this is here and comes to see her picture or has friends that come to see it let me just clearly state that I think she is a very beautiful young woman and it is what it is, so ignore my text above since you know, it's already Kinda too late to worry about it. ...more For others who might think about getting tattoos or someone they know to the at least think about it with a little more seriousness. (Which, I get, is somewhat difficult to do when you've had a sixpack of beer in you and multi shots of your favorite whiskey or vodka when you hit the tattoo parlor.

... All that being said I think I need to stop here and jump down below And make a purchase for my beautiful wife and myself :-)
... Now to go buy a plastic phaser and see about mounting a small vibrator in the tip :-)

December 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMikie

Two Starfleet emblems? *Adjusts nerd glasses* That's gotta be against uniform regulations.

January 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommentertheRx

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