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These Star Wars Sushi Carvings Look Galactically Delicious

Star Wars and Sushi together at last! Thank the maker! Japanese sushi chef, Okitsugu Kado sits back with his vegetable cutting tools, carrots, white radish, sweet potato, Kyo-potato, radish, even pumpkin and crafts each of these super geeky pieces together for his crazy lucky clientele to enjoy.  

Most of his sculptures take hours at a time to create and end up on display rather than being eaten. Okitsugu claims to be a huge Star Wars fan is is even a part of the Jedi Order and I believe him completely. Want to see more? Sure you do! Read on.

Okitsugu Kado works at Minayoshi in Japan.

[ photo source ] via [ metro.co.uk ]

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that was cool but it had nothing to do with sushi
why not call it star wars deluxe pepperoni pizza or star wars alsacian sauerkraut? anything goes, right?

August 12, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersam

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