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Fallout 3 Terrible Shotgun Made Real Enough to Kill For

The terrible shotgun from Fallout 3 is brutal at close range (we ALL know this), so Volpin Props was commissioned to make this extremely awesome replica for the web series Nuka Break. Of course, this is a replica weapon and does not actually fire real rounds, but that would never stop someone like yourself from pretending.

Read on to see more pics of this badass shotty.

"This replica uses mostly metal parts; the barrel and heat shield are aluminum, as well as the trigger mechanism, sight and forward pump piston. Two drum magazines were built and lock into place with magnetic catches to make on-screen mag changes possible. A cocking lever on the right side is spring loaded, as is the trigger. The rear stock and forward grip were cut from red oak. Assembled, the shotgun weighs over 8lbs"

[ volpin props ]

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