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Glowing R2-D2 Astromech Projector Rave Bot is the Awesome

There are so many glowing things, switches, shiney stuff, wires and beeping knobs mounted into this Astromech called 'Zoe' by Podpadstudios from the UK. Seriously, you need to see this thing in spinning around and blinking up a storm mode.

"Zoe is a bit of a high tec girl with a great deal of onboard gadgets. She has her own router and IP webcam which broadcasts as charity events. She is powered by three 25Amp 12v SLA batteries, two running the 24v drive system and the thrid running the 12v electrics..."

Read on to check out more photos as well as a video of the astromech in action.

" She has onboard, sound system, fire extinguisher, the utility arms and claws work, 140db siren, working Holo eyes, periscope, full smoke machine ported through exhaust, loads of LED and plasma lighting. Full LED el-wire all over, with light reactive paint. She has a full working onboard DLP projector which is setup to display the Princess Leia message from Star Wars."

[ source ] via [ nerdapproved ]

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