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Beer Drinkin' Like a Hobbit: The Real Life Green Dragon Pub

Drinking fine ale like a Hobbit while reading/watching anything to do with Middle Earth is one of your favorite things to do. ADMIT IT. How would you like to spend your drunkin' mushroom lovin' hairy foot balad singing times in this incredibly awesome recreation of 'The Green Dragon' located in the far away land of New Zealand.

"The pub offers exclusive drinks on tap including two beers, a cider and ginger beer and features original looking interiors."

Make sure you read on to see more pics...

"Each room and the outside has been made with distinctive detail, including a fireplace made out of stone, a briefcase, cabbage patch and several ornate bookshelves."

AND delicious beer.

Thanks go to Jonathan who is more like a drunk old wizard who happens to get lucky with a hoBBit sized woman every now and then. Quite the unexpected journey.

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]

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