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Not a Good Idea After All! Testing Your Lighter at a Gas Pump

As far as dumb dumb fire excitement fail goes, this is a win, but sure... I would have loved to see a full on explosion just as much as you would. Next time buddy make sure you hose down the car with petrol first, and then use the nozzle as a flame thrower covering everything within a 30 foot radius in flame.

THAT is how you test your lighter like a pro.

"A Motorist who Lit himself and his car on fire after playing with a lighter while filling up his tank with petrol at an ACPO station in Thomastown [ a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia,] was saved by a doctor from fuel station fire.The incident, captured on CCTV video footage, shows the panicked motorist quickly escape the blaze as it engulfs the door of his vehicle."

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