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Aliens: 'The Musical' Brings You Back to LV426

"Take me where the monsters don't come bursting through your chest!"

Music, lyrics and video editing by Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan 

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I love the integration of leit motifs from Horner's score, and the music itself is melodic and interesting, but the lyrics are just not very good. They don't work as parody because they don't say anything new or clever, and they don't make you laugh. The song tries to cover too much ground by trying to reference every character, but doesn't resonate with the truth of Newt's horrible predicament. Think of the clever humor of Audry's "Somewhere That's Green" from Little Shop of Horrors and try to imagine what Howard Ashman could have done with this material. I think there might be some possibilities here, but no one is going to plunk down $100.00 bucks to see this on, or off broadway.

June 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRich McCracken

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