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Awesome Custom Pod Racer Baby Stroller Pushed by Tusken Raider

What you see here is a custom built Anakin's Pod Racer baby stroller that looks like it can only be piloted by the fastest of Jedi. It was "driven/pushed" in the last leg of the Course of the Force race in San Diego by a Tusken Raider wearing Nikes.

There aren't many positive things that came out of Star Wars Episode 1, but this might be one of them (them being around five halfway decent things that I don't want to burn with fire). Oh George, you hurt us all.

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Good one for Jedi. Really awesome baby stroller. How much they have traveled round the area many might have appreciated for this. This will surely and of course the next generation stroller with embedded steel rolls. Regardless of the thought you have definitely posted a good thing indeed.

March 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLessy R.

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