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Bacon Covered Strippers Wrestling in Lard at the Bacon Cup 2012

Get some willing strippers, lather them up in slippery lard and give them as much delicious bacon as money can buy.

Ready... Set... FIGHT.

"On Saturday,[..], master chefs, cooks and wizards will submit their best bacon-induced creations for the judging audience (as well as a celebrity panel), who will consume, rate and review the creations. Some will enter, some will attend, many will lose and everyone will win."

This bacon stripper battle happened at the Bacon Cup 2012 in Portland, OR at the IHRx and if you read on you can see more photos and a video of the ladies in hot bacon action.

"Giselle and Berlin get down and dirty in a kiddie pool full of bacon and lard during Bacon Cup 2012 (presented by 1HRx Entertainment at Ash Street Saloon on July 14th). Host / emcee Statutory Ray attempts to keep bacon from destroying his DJ mixer while two drunk half-naked ladies choke each other out in raw bacon while slipping in lard."

Photos by [ kovphotography ] / [ faithingrime ]

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Video got taken down from Youtube, so we re-uploaded it to DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xsatkm_strippers-wrestling-in-bacon-and-lard-at-the-2012-portland-bacon-cup_sexy

July 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterStatutory Ray

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