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Half-life HeadCrab Does the Spaceballs Chestburster Dance

Hello my honey. Zachariah rendered out this short yet awesome video for steam's "Critter Week" in honor of the release of Black Mesa this friday, Make Videos of headcrabs, bullsquids, antlions, alien swarm monsters, or whatever creepy crawly you want.

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Actually, I believe that routine originated in an old Warner Bros. cartoon. A construction worker is demolishing an old building and finds a box hidden in the cornerstone of the building. Inside is a singing, dancing frog that is just incredible. But every time he tries to show the frog to someone else, it stops. It will only sing and dance for him. Finally, he winds up putting it back into the cornerstone of the new building being built where the old one was, only for it to be found many years later (in the future) by another worker. And so on and so on.

September 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDave

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