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Bake Your Own 'Gruesome and Delicious' Octopus Pizza Pie

 Octopuses, octopi, or octopodes... freakin' cephalopods deserve to be pizzacrafted into awesomely delicious looking pizzas that can latch onto your face with pepperoni suction cups. Just what you wanted.

[ cooking instructions ] via [ thatsnerdalicious ]

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Once upon a time there was a wee boy and his grandma made an Octopus Pizza for him and his friends.
Not long after that the wee boy fell in the sea and as he was sinking he bumped into a great big Octopus.
"Oh look! Dinner!" said the great big Octopus.
"You watch out!", said the wee boy, " I eat great big Octopuses' tentacles and I really like them!"
"You're too wee to eat a whole tentacle from a great big Octopus." said the great big Octopus.
"I didn't mean real great big Octopus tentacles." said the wee boy "I mean pizza ones."
As soon as the wee boy explained to the great big Octopus roughly what an octopus pizza was, the great big Octopus gathered him in a couple of his great soft tentacles and took him straight to his grandma's.
Grandma was so happy that she made him Two Dozen Octopus Pizzas and a Hundred and Five Octopus Pancakes for good measure.

January 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGelvan Tullibole 3

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