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Project Skyflash Jetpack Turns German Man into Living Jet

By using twin turbine engines, normally used in RC jets, Fritz Unger from Germany is working on 'Project Skyflash' that is seen here getting closer to putting himself into the air with his homemade jetpack. Fritz and his team want to be able to lauch a human being 25,000 feet into the sky right from ground level, just like Iron Man. Can't blame them for that.

Read on to watch a few videos of the jetpack in action.

This is a video of their very first 'jump' where you can see a first person view of the craft.

"This is the 'First Hop' meaning there is no "Lift off". This is all about reaching the needed speeds, controlability, aircrafts-systems and leaving the ground for a 'Hop' testing stability aspects."

[ project skyflash ]

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