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Watch a First Person Perspective Lightsaber Battle 'Vader Strikes'

Lightsaber battles are happening in the FIRST PERSON thanks to the 'Stunt People'. They used a GoPro camera to capture the footage and then tweaked it up with some FX to put a bit of a cool spin on a Jedi battle. Pretty awesome right?

Side Note: Last night my computer had this video sitting in a tabbed window, when all of the sudden, the video randomly started playing at 3:30am with sounds of a lightsaber battle at FULL volume. My wife thought someone had broken in and was about to start attacking us with my own saber collection and whimpered as she told me to go fight them off. I, being her Jedi warrior, force-pushed the mute button and went back to bed.

Thanks to obvwin reader Blake Faucette for the Jedi tip and destroying my slumber!

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