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Electroluminescent Paint 'Lumilor' Debuts as a Light-Up Dragon Motorcycle

We all know EL wire... now we have EL PAINT! That's right, this new spray-painted on technology called 'Lumilor' from Darkside Scientific that lights up with a nice battery powered and electronically controlled glow. The paint recently made it's debut at the Daytona Bike Week as a painted on glowing dragon bike.

Again, this is glowing with the power of electricity and not your run of the mill ceiling star technology. Which means, now we can make everything light up... everything

Read on to watch a video of the bike in action glowing...

Here we see the gas tank lighting up.

"The LumiLor TM Electroluminescent Coating System is a patent pending EL coating that can permanently be applied over compound curves to form a truly conformal coating that emits light. LumiLor is a sprayable solution that offers revolutionary functional capabilities and requires no special tools or equipment to apply."

For more, check out [ motorcycle-usa.com ]

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