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Fully Wearable Modern G.I. JOE Action Sunglasses in 80s Blister Packs

Care to score yourself some super limited edition G.I. JOE sunglasses that you might never want to take out of the package and wear on your face? These are collectibles homie. Yeah, these action figure inspired glasses come in all flavors from Cobra Commander to Snake Eyes.

"Only 100 units will ever be made. Each pair comes in a limited edition blister package based off of the original toy packaging from the 80's." 

Read on to see them all...

"The frame is constructed from a custom blue acetate complete modeled after the uniform of the man who personifies hatred and evil, Cobra Commander. Complete with metal hits of silver and gold, wear these and you, much like Cobra Commander, could be described as "probably the most dangerous man alive!""

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