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Shut Up and Take My Money: Bender Wood Stove Keeps You Warm and Wasted

Futurama's Bender, our booze pounding robot of the future, is ready to keep you warm and potentially cook your meat. PASS THE BOTTLE. This wood stove called the "Bender Bending Rodriguez" was made by UK's Halftroll who is a Grumpy git who's generally handy n too soddin busy. Whatever the hell that means, but I like it.

Read on to see the Benderstove in action FULL OF FIRE.

Made with...

"5 gas bottles, 5kg of welding wire, 90 litres of CO2, various bits of steel mostly 1.2mm sheet, plenty of plasters and copious amounts of alcohol this is what I ended up with."

[ benderstove source ] via [ technabob ]

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