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Adding a Mustache and Eyebrows to Your Baby is Instantly Hilarious


Indeed you do young Ming the Merciless! Check out what Finder's Creepers decided to do to her little evil wizard infant with a drawn-on mustache and eyebrows. Normally, I would suggest that you should do this to your precious little baby with a washable marker, but seriously... use a permanent sharpie. The laughs will last you weeks.

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Oh my God! The baby looks like a gent. Am I right? Who give such a drastic getup. Generally babies are consider as sweet and innocent. Having a cute baby is the dream of all parents. So why we change this by see such images of baby. In my case I had never seen an image like this basically for a baby. After all I enjoy it (the snap of baby at different pose). The size of eyebrow is really different and don't match to this baby's' face. The chemistry between baby and the reptile is amazing and entertaining. Isn't it?

March 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMichaelson

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