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Stop-Motion 'Snake' Chalk Art Animation in Surprisingly Awesome 3D

Remember the game of SNAKE? Yeah, it's been around since the 70s' arcades and for a while, you were forced to play it on all Nokia phones. Well, Chris Carlson spent a boatload of time drawing a chalk art animation on a cyclorama wall with soft pastel chalk. 

And, the results are quite awesome.


Stereo Skifcha Drops the Bass with 3D Dubstep Cat Style

Break out the 3D glasses and put some headphones on. All you will see is a cat tongue licking it's way into your FACE. 


Photo Realistic 3D Sexy Lingerie Samurai Woman Warrior

Not only is this sexy samurai awesome as the blade she wields, but get this... it is 100% not a real photo. This incredible computer generated samurai woman called "Flare" is the creation of blackhearted (Gabriel) and we would all like to collectively thank him for the digital efforts. Excellent work on tricking my mind.

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The Archiver: A Mesmerizingly Cool Sci-Fi Space Journey

"A pilot, travelling through space, returns from a mission..."


Spotted at [ geeksaresexy ]


Princess Peach... Don't Look So Surprised, You Knew I Was There

Oh Peach, you temptress. This 3D sexypic was made by Bjørnar Frøyse for a heaping mound of 16 year old geeks at a LAN party in Norway. Let me tell you, those Norwegians LOVE the digital lady skin, especially when it's Mario's coveted dame.

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


Limited Edition UV Heineken Bottle with High Tech 3D Print

 Heineken has designed a super limited edition bottle that was only sent to the company stakeholders that has it's label printed in UV-sensitive ink, enclosed in a sick case and when activated it displays in 3D. Looks kinda like my old college dorm.

"This capsule was split into two halves which are held together by a magnetic lock. When opened, UV light is automatically activated, revealing the otherwise invisible UV print."

[ source ] via [ gizmodo ]


Aliens Versus Deadspace 3D Deathmatch Artwork

Solid space-horror work done by [ vitorzago ] and if you read on, break out your 3D glasses, you can see it in eye-popping in your face 3D... 

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Kraken Spiced Rum Bottle Label Enters the 3rd Dimension

Kraken Black Spiced Rum has the best label design ever. What could you possibly do to a label so awesome to make it awesomer? That's right! Make it 3D. Soon, you will be able to buy a bottle online and in select stores that comes with a pair of 3D shades. 3D Cephalopods FTW!

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Oakley Debuts Stylin' 3D Glasses for TRON Legacy


Sick of those crappy 3D glasses you get at the theater that you happily have to give back to the goofy ass collector dude(but honestly, you still feel like stealing them)? Well, Oakley made some new miner savers that should enhance your TRON movie going experience with style. If you are a person who really enjoys 3D movies and has a cool $150 laying around, pick these up and yes, you can use them on other movies as well. Be the cool kid in the movie IMAX theater, maybe? 

[ source ] via [ gizmodo ]


Nicely Done... Star Wars Lady Sith is Tough and Sexy


Wow, this 3D rendering of a female Sith Lordess is very impressive. Make sure you check out the source and look at the high resolution version of this image. Very cool and made by wen-jr.

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Star Wars 3D and Why I am Thrilled to Boycott it

For many of us, and especially the readers of this humble blog, Star Wars represents the power of imagination, our collective childhoods, numerous attempts to move objects around with the force (I did it once), and a sense of community centered around major events that happend in a galaxy far far away. Oh yeah, and god damn lightsabers. Simply, I refuse to let George Lucas ruin his own work and our inspiration any further. 

Boycott Star Wars 3D? Read on...

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Crazy 4 Cult Poster Has all the Heroes you Need in 3D


Mike Mitchell has crafted up the ultimate in film icon poster in glorious 3D technology for the upcoming crazy 4 cult art showing. Anyone for a Baby Ruth and a chat with The Dude?

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