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Have things to Shoot to Bits? Build Yourself a M134 Airsoft MiniGun

So, you can go to [ this site ] and begin your journey into the fine arts of airsoft gun building. Watch this video below of this thing completely destroying whatever it shoots at. Pretty gnarly. 6000 rounds per minute gnarly.

"Solenoid valve regulates the flow of gas (CO2). Maximum pressure is 14 Bars (203PSI). Remote control system allows to operating without any additional cables. Battery powered with two 12V aku. Magazine hold 16 000 BBs. This means that you can still shoot for a long time. Large weight prevents wearing. But if you are strong you can try. A perfect place to install is a car or a defensive position."

My ONLY issue with this is that the barrel doesn't rotate. I do find that to be a huge part of the awesomeness that is the minigun. Either way, this thing is bad ass.

[ found at ohgizmo ]



Airsoft M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens


I am a fan of airsoft, I can admit this, and will take it to my grave, my space grave that is.

So this is a kit to upgrade a thompson m1ai AEG and convert it into a futuristic piece of awesomeness.

The M41A is made from high quality resin molding and aluminum parts working bullet counter(sick)! The kit ONLY costs $450 as you have to buy the M1A1 separately. Start saving your galactic credits now.