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New 'Pacific Rim' Trailer Hits Like a Giant Robot Monster

The new trailer for 'Pacific Rim' by Guillermo del Toro is goddamn outstanding. Giant mech robots fighting undersea godzilla-esque alien monsters all while listening to GLaDOS. \m/ The movie is set to be released July 12, 2013 and you can check out the sick movie posters here.


H.R. Giger Inspired Custom Xenomorph Computer Mouse

H.R. Giger is responsible for making my dreams horrifically better. Computer modder Ramses07 took it upon himself to rip apart a Cooler Master Storm Xornet and convert it into a Alien that hugs right into the palm of your twisted space marine hand. The xenomorph look came from molded clay over the mouse, painted to perfection and finished with a layer of glossy varnish for the shiny mucus effect.

[ source ] via [ technabob ]


Baby Ripley Piloting the Aliens Power Loader Costume

Check out this baby driving this power loader from Aliens. Inside that costume is the baby's father and friend of redditor rdt156. Pretty freakin' awesome. Read on to see a video of it in action.

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Bishop's Got Milk to Feed Cats and Thirsty Alien Facehuggers

You remember the scene in Aliens when Bishop gets wripped in half by the queen and you see that he is full of milk? Of course you do! Mick Minogue brought it a step further and crafted up this awesome wall-mounted diorama box full of friendly kittens and facehuggers enjoying a little drink of the old robot juice.



Functional Xenomorph H.R. 'Geiger Counter' Spots Radioactive Aliens

Are you on the hunt for radioactive hot spots? Then this alien geiger counter is for you. The base radioactive sensor electronics was purchased from Adafruit industries and modded into an acid spitting xenomorph designed by H.R. Geiger. Get it.. it is a "Giger Geiger".

Read on to see more of this geeky little creation and watch a video of it in action. Yes, it actually does the beeping and crackling sounds that we know and love.

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Custom Xenomorph Trophy Skull Proves You are an Alien Hunter

Ever wanted an Alien skull, but are too lazy to go out kill one for yourself? Me too pal. This 4 pound xenomorph replica is about 32 inches long and can make you look like a galactic badass predator in the time it takes to calibrate your laser cannon.

Read on to see more close-up shots.

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Aliens: 'The Musical' Brings You Back to LV426

"Take me where the monsters don't come bursting through your chest!"

Music, lyrics and video editing by Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan 


Have a Nice Alien: The Easter Edition

Chocolate face hugger attack!

"The crew of the USS Chocstromo really should have seen this coming."


Alien Chopsticks for Facehugging / Chestbursting Your Sushi

Alien chopsticks!?!? YEP. Now you can convert your dining room into the helm of the Prometheus and poke away at your sushi and lo mein just like the most battle-hardened space marine. They come in 3 versions and if you read on you can stick your eyes on them all.

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Finally an Aliens, Warhammer and Darth Vader Mashup of Badassness

There is just so much super badass happening within this piece of scifi visual awesome that it could easily destroy Alderaan and/or Hoth with a Xenomorphic flick of a lightsaber. This was created by IRIRIV called Lord Vader, rise... nice work.


Colonial Marines ALIENS Video Game Debut Trailer Looks Super Badass

This is looking well worth playing. Aliens.


Fruit Explosion: Stop Motion Aliens Destroying Fruit with Machine Guns

Who doesn't absolutely love shooting the shit out of fruit with the largest piece of weaponry one can drag out to the backyard shooting range? Not anyone I know (and I know several people). Thing is... what if the fruit got a chance to fight back? This little fun piece of stop-motion by Jack Conte.

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