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LEGO MiniFig Summer Blockbuster Movie Posters

This summer we have a bunch of scifi / fantasy / adventure movies that are coming to the big screen for us to spend our hard-earned dollars on. NEXT movie decided to make a great compilation of these films and present them in LEGO format for you to love and enjoy. Read on to see them all.

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Hungry Hungry Alien Eating Space Invaders

Xenomorph om nom nomming on Space Invaders like they are Doritos. Textile art called 'Alien Eats Alien' made by Letter-Q, who has a bunch of cool designs for you to look at if you so shall desire. Blue space invader blood is sick.

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Ripley Help! The Real Deal Life Size Alien Metal Sculpture 

If you can't get yourself off this rock and into space to procure yourself a real alien anytime soon, then why not settle on this life sized (about 6 feet tall) metal alien statue. You can spend hours of space battle fun attempting to blast it to acidic bits with your pulse rifle.

Read on to see more gnarly alien pics.

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Predator Completely Annihilating Star Wars Stormtroopers

Predators sure love taking trophies and what is better than taking the skull (with spine attached) of a stormtrooper.

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Aliens Versus Deadspace 3D Deathmatch Artwork

Solid space-horror work done by [ vitorzago ] and if you read on, break out your 3D glasses, you can see it in eye-popping in your face 3D... 

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"Aliens" Limited Edition Print is Bloody Awesome 

Aliens: They will knock you down, bite you, scream something horrid, rip off your face and then to make it worse, yep you guessed it... spray you down with acid blood. Respect is all you have to battle these beasts, so check out this poster and honor the evil. Only 100 are being crafted and they are going pretty quickly. Kudos to the chef.

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Own a Sweet Replica Pulse Rifle From Aliens

For $899.99 ! What?!, you ask. Yes, eight hundred and ninety nine credits (bucks). What do you get?!, you ask. Well, you get this sweet-ass replica aliens gun that is made from real metal and that LED counter you see; actually works! So, if you are the type of guy or gal that has some cash to grenade launch around, pick on up [ here at thinkgeek ], but here's the catch: 2 X AA batteries not included.


Tronitize: Ripley Versus Alien Queen TRON Style


In a recent contest held at Aint it Cool News, they asked their readers to add some TRON awesomeness to some random movie scenes. This here is the winner, and it sure is a beaut. Enjoy and go [ here ] to see more of the entries.


Monsters: Do Not Venture Beyond This Point

Very cool Aliens/Monsters, silk-screen metal poster with hand distressed acid and bombs. This was made by D&L screen printing, for the newly released movie 'Monsters' and it sure would pretty badass in your home/basement.

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Human Builds Himself a Full Sized Power Loader from Aliens

Built mostly out of foam board, plastic,  plaster, and a hefty portion of elbow grease, this power loader is nothing short of awesome. Click on and watch the video of it in action.

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Alien and The Last Supper Mashed up at Last


The Last Supper never looked so delicious. This was part of the retro-scifi challenge over at b3ta and it is amongst many other awesome entries that you can go check out.  You can also [ click here ] for a larger version of this pic.

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Bert and Ernie as Aliens vs. Predator


I have to give credit where credit is due. I don't think any of us would have imagined to see Bert and Ernie as AVP. Good work littleicyman, you defied the odds.

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