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Stunning Avengers Pink Floyd Painted Women Poster Art

Remember this iconic Pink Floyd poster? Well, Zach T. Jordan of ztjillustration painted / illustrated up a stunning version of this classic wall poster with the entire Avengers team on the backs of bare women. Even saying that sounds awesome.

Shine on you crazy Tesseract.


Trippy Awesome HULK vs. THOR Silk Weave Battle

If you haven't played with SILK yet, these awesome "weavings" are about to impress you. What you see is DAAKEDEVIL's version of HULK vs. BENSAWN's version of THOR.


Incredible Iron Man Chalkboard Art Spotted in the Breakroom

Check out this awesome chalk sketching of Iron Man and his HUD spotted by the father of 14-year-old young-avenger-wiccan along with the note “Look at our chalkboard in the break room!” 

OK... what kind of breakroom do you have sir?! You so happen to have buckets of chalk and work with some sort of mystery hobbyist comic book artist?! The stars were aligned.


Predator Kills the Star Wars Universe

Now this is a Star Wars crossover I can get behind. Take Predator and pit him against bounty hunters assembled by Darth Vader himself. This is part one of a series by rhymesyndicate.

"The tagline 'Predator kills the Star Wars universe' is a play on words from Marvel comics' 'Punisher kills the Marvel universe'."


CyberPunk Robot Skull is like Combining the Borg with a Predator Trophy

Skulls are nothing short of badass. Robot skulls made from metal, various tubes, a mohawk and a glowing LED eye are pure awesome.

This mixed medium skull was made by horror sculpture artist drakodarksydedesigns.

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This Boba Fett Stained Glass is Perfect for the Church of Mandalorian

Praise Boba... praise him. Check out the newest addition to the stained glass collection by mclanesmemories who brought us such awesomeness as the Boba Fett Helmet Lamp.

To the left, natural lighting the Fett. To the right, artificial lighting the Fett.

Just imagine that you had an actual church filled with glowing stained glass panels of bounty hunters. A boy's dream and a geek man's desire.


Full-Sized AK-47 Machine Gun Made Entirely out of Animal Bones

New Zealand bone artist, Bruce Mahalski, the man who brought you the awesome bone pistols, has a new addition to his skeletal arsenal... a full-size AK-47 replica made from animal bones. Ratta tat tat.

He used a combination of parts from rabbit, stoat, ferret, sheep, hawk, pheasant, wallaby, snapper, snake, blackbird, tarakihi, hedgehog, broad-billed prion, shear water, thrush, seal, cat and possum  (plus a single bone from the extinct moa). To be precise.

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Awesome JAWESOME Killbook of a Bounty Hunter Shark Fan Art

Armored up and weaponized SHARK with a fish bowl back and thirst for 'PAIN'.


This is Mike Corriero derivative version based on Danny LuVisi’s graphic novel book “Last Man Standing” this is fan art produced as a contribution to the reprint of his book. The original Jawesome shark by Danny can be found here.

Thanks to Ian Brooks for the badassed freakin' shark tip.


Awesome Daft Punk LED Painting Robot Rocks Your Walls

Check out this awesome acrylic painting of two of France's most famous robots... Daft Punk. It was painted by Antoine Scotto who also added Da Funk with some built-in LEDs that actually light up the helmets (watch the video). Now your walls are Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and GLOWY.

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Stormtroopers Vs. Aliens Art is a Star Wars Xenomorph Pile of Badass

Bashing, dripping acid, laser blasting, face eating pile of Stormtoopers fighting Aliens by rhymesyndicate who brought you other awesome Star Wars art such as the Sith Predator.


Deadpool Rising for Fun: Metal Gear Solid Deadpool x Raiden Mashup Art

Made from action figures and the magic of photoshop, 'Deadpool Rising for Fun' is mashup concept art by Bosslogic and if you read on you can see version 2 without hair and a blue glowing blade.

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Bishop's Got Milk to Feed Cats and Thirsty Alien Facehuggers

You remember the scene in Aliens when Bishop gets wripped in half by the queen and you see that he is full of milk? Of course you do! Mick Minogue brought it a step further and crafted up this awesome wall-mounted diorama box full of friendly kittens and facehuggers enjoying a little drink of the old robot juice.