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Whataburger Ketchup Packet AT-AT Walker

Whataburger ketchup is the new rage in stackable condiments. From spicy to straight up fancy> Apparently, these new ketsup packets can be made into AT-AT walkers by extraordinarily bored employees. Filling out application NOW.

May the boredom be with you.

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Nest of Wild AT-AT Walkers Spotted in Old Winter Tree

A nest of wild AT-ATs have been found raising their young in an old snow-covered tree. This fun photoset entitled 'The Wild AT ATs of Caledonia' was captured by Storm Trooper cosplay couple redandjonny. 

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AT-AT Walker Star Wars Bicycle Conversion Spotted at Pedalpalooza

Pedalpalooza (Portland, Oregon) runs from June 7th through the 30th and this time around it is a Star Wars Vs. Star Trek bike battle race extreme.

One of the entries in the battle is this super awesome bicycle that has been converted into an AT-AT walker that actually moves with the biker as he/she pedals. Sorry Star Trek fans, but this might have you beat. Beat hard and beamed away into the final frontier where you belong (which isn't all that bad). 

Make sure you read on to see more pics and even a video of it in action.

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Have a Hoth Booze Battle with this Custom AT-AT Liquor Cabinet

Let's face it... stormtroopers know how to drink. If you were constantly wrapped in white/black plastic body armor that doesn't even stop a laser blast you'd be rocking the bottle too. What better to store your supply of reality numbing booze than in a custom wooden AT-AT walker. This was made by Colin Johnson. Read on to see more angles.

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Homemade Cardboard Star Wars AT-AT and Millenium Falcon

With a pile of old cardboard boxes and a galactic ton of love, Matheson Harris has created quite the impressive collection of DIY Star Wars ships.

"Hot glue, cardboard, sharpie, a few sucker sticks and ping pong balls"

Read on to see the entire garbage armada of a tie fighter, x-wing, tie fighter, AT-ST and even a giant cardboard star destroyer.

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General Rancor Monster Rides a Steampunk AT-AT into the Battlefield

What a ridiculous concept that actually looks really awesome! Titled "RANConquerOR the first" this design needs to be on your chest.

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AT-AT for America: Man to Build Life Size Fully Operational AT-AT 

Ok, let's all admit it, the economy sucks and America can't get seem to get anything going right for itself these days. So, Mike Koehler came up with an idea. MAKE a FULL SIZE (yes, that includes lasers), fully functional AT-AT that would measure about 20 meters tall, and prop it up somewhere in Oklahoma. He believes that creating such a structure will bring America together and show how powerful of a nation we truly are. America, fuck yeah ! 

He is currently making a call to all nerds and geeks alike that would like to donate their time/money to the project and he is getting amazing results. If you would like to learn more you can go [ HERE ] to his facebook page, [ HERE ] for tumblr,  and [ HERE ] to his twitter. Feel free to tell him I sent you.

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Back off Harry Potter, My Patronus is an AT-AT

In order to summon one must focus completely on Wedge Antilles and his magnet tow rope skills.

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End Winter with a Cute AT-AT Imperial Walker Snow Sculpture

From the Castle Grayskull Snow Fort to the platonic solid snow sculpture, snowmen have been righteously impressive this past year. So, to end the winter's bane (I hate you March), let us celebrate with a AT-AT Snowman! Kids with lightsabers not included.

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Delicious LEGO AT-AT: All Terrain-Ice Cream Transport

Bring ice cream to me on Planet Hoth and/or Endor please.

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Christmas With the AT-AT Family

Christmas with the AT-AT family is about giving, chomping in the snow and destroying all that movies with lasers!

AT-AT’s show no signs of stopping,

And the sounds of Rebel heads a’ popping,

Their will to fight is almost done,

Let ‘em Run! Let ‘em Run! Let ‘em Run!

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Duct-Tape and Sharpie Makes a Nice AT-AT


Four feet tall and five feet wide, this AT-AT duct-tape art project will go quite well with your duct tape wallet and since the bidding starts at $400... might drain it as well. None-the-less, this is a pretty nice achievement. Now make me one that I can sit on and ride around town.

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