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Badass Leather Clad Female Predator Cosplay

The mask was constructed from upholstery foam, liquid latex and acrylic paints by cosplayer Noora Nevalainen of Finland. The costume was so badass that it won first place at Ropecon XX.

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Super Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Chainsaw Tree Carving

Chainsaw carvings just went freakin' Jurassic with this massively badass t-rex carving made entirely out of WOOD. It was created by Animalistic Chainsaw Carvings and is a sculpture I wish i had on my front lawn to ride and fornicate with.

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Medieval Demonic Skull Helmet

Going into battle is ROUGH. Swords to the chest, axes to the nuts, spears to the face... dysentery.  Best thing you can do is to make sure your armor puts overwhelming fear into your adversary and sends him running. That little bitch.

Pro tip: Get a skull helm with demon teeth and rip your opponent apart with your badass looks alone.


This T-Rex Attack Wedding Photo is the Awesome

How badass is this. It must've been awesome having a massive real life tyrannosaurus rex invade your wedding, rip your entire wedding party to meaty little bits, all while the groom lays on the ground with the most enormous erection the world has ever seen. JUST like my wedding.

Best wedding photo ever by rikki.

Thanks go to Jonathan who loves dinos as much as I love meaty dino attacks.


Badass 'Ghost Rider Style' Skull-Faced Biker Helmet

Check out this toughguy biker from hell wearing a skull helmet spotted at the 5th annual Harley Davidson National Rally in Qian Dao Lake, China. Douse him with gasoline and light him up for some REAL deal ghost rider cosplay. Trust me, everyone will love it.

[ source ] via [ nerdcore ]


Fantastic Warhammer 40k Terminator Captain Costume

For the entire build, check out the gallery at [ roses and bolts ] via [ technabob ]


Completely Badass Female Orc in Hand-crafted Full Leather Armor

Take a solid look at this awesome leather armor / orc cosplay by fantasy costume artist lagueuse aka soeurs.darmes from Canada. The level of overall detail on this piece is absolutely outstanding. Read on to see a closeup.

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Custom Alien Embryos in Desktop Preservation Specimen Jars

How would you like to have an Alien embryo preserved right on your desktop? Ready to hatch, ready to attack your WASD fingers, and ready to annihilate all life on Earth. Hooray!

This awesome clay modeled Xenomorph embryo was created by yanchuan111 from Shenyang, China and if you read on, you can see more of it...

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The Epically Superior Amazing Spider-Man Beard

We've seen the Star Wars X-Wing beard, now we have the SPIDER-MAN BEARD! This is Chad Roberts and my spider senses tell me that Chad Roberts knows how to grow a beard as he recently won at the 2nd Annual Garden State Beard & ‘Stache Competition at Asbury Lanes with The Garden State Beard & Mustache Society.

Nice work spidey-beard-man!


The Zombie Fighting GatorShark is the Ultimate Nightmare Animal Hybrid

With the body of a gator and the head of a shark, this GATORSHARK by m0ai is destined to destroy the undead and by the looks of it... it WILL.

This is poster art for the upcoming movie Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders. See?


Extraordinarily Badass Cybernetic Demon Cosplay

How freakin' scary/awesome is this custom made 'Cybernetic Demon' suit by twohornsunited who brought you sick wearables such as the kickass portal gas mask. The helmet has a built-in laser, movable jaw with chest armor that pumps glowing liquid.

And, if you are interested you can snag it here for about 2 grand.


Man Builds a Functional AK-47 Out of a Rusty Old Shovel

There comes a time in a man's life when all you have is a rusty old shovel, some bullets and the need to combine them into a fully-functional AK-47. This man is Boris.

All you need is:

Shit shovel: $2
Romy sans-barrel AK kit: $200
Barrel blank: $30

Boris took his time and melted down the metal shovel head and reforged it into the actual gun receiver.

[ source ] via [ neatorama ]