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A Batman Tumbler Sculpture Made From Old Busted up Playstation 2s

Holy PS2 Batman! Check out this unique Dark Knight tumbler made entire out of dead PlayStation parts. It was crafted up by shankalonian and if you are into popping this beast on your bookshelf, you can snag it here.


The Medieval Knight: Scale Mail Batman Armor

Check out this awesome scale mail (or scalemaille) Batman suit of armor that is up for sale at a cool price of about $10,000. No Joker... 

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The Emperor Voiced by Mark Hamill's Joker vs. Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker

Hamill vs. Hamill

Most of you know that Mark Hamill is the voice of Batman's villain Joker. ALL of you know that he is Luke Skywalker. 

"Visuals have been re-cut. Dialogue, as well as SFX and ambiance sounds, have been replaced and/or re-dubbed by alternate sources."


Farmer Batman's Tumbler Tractor

Gotham needs farming. This is an actual tractor built in the Netherlands that just so happens to look like the Dark Knight's very own tumbler.


The Dark Knight Shaves: The Batman Symbol Mustache

Sure, it has been done before, but this is one impressively well manicured Batman mustache by Bason-Jateman.

Thanks to reader Etih_jSux0rz for the heads up!


Batman Dude Builds Himself $150,000 Secret Basement Batcave

Chris Weir had a dream. His dream was to buy a home and convert his basement into a real deal batcave entertainment mega room filled to the brim with Batman memorabilia, superhero badassery and a 120" screened home theater. The entire build took about two and half years to complete and even houses an actual batsuit from the Dark Knight.

Damn... must feel good to be rich and grow a primo gut like his. Le sigh.


Kickass Batman Fighting a Great White Shark Snowman

Holy great white shark attack Batman! Check out this awesome snow rendition of Batman ripping open the mouth of a great white that was spotted at the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois by rockytheboxer.


Modified Steampunk Batman NERF Blaster Pistol

There are steampunk blaster pistols and there is the "Holy brass and copper Batman it's a steampunk pistol!" The gun was orginally a Triple Barrel Grapnel, painted up with copper and given the lovingly dangerous power of bat-steam by Nerfenstein.


Bane Meets Batman Full Head Latex 'Baneman' Mask

What do you get if you smash Batman into Bane? A pile of gadgets, bloody guts, raspy screams, crushed bones and steroids... obviously. Superhero crafter Ministryofmasks simplified things by making a "Baneman" mask that combines both sides without all the mess.

Read on to see it up close and personal.

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Awesome Custom Jet Engine RC Batwing Flies Like a Bat Out Of Hell

RC hobbyist Chris Allen built this awesome 70mm EDF JET powered batwing from scratch. Yes, it really flies and it really flies FAST. He has been building and designing rc planes for the past 10 years and is currently obsessed with scratch building anything to do with batman.

Read on to see more of it in action flying around.

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Vietnamese Dude Builds His Own Dark Knight BatPod From Junk

This is a fully functional and completely awesome hand-built Dark Knight BatPod from scrap metal parts by Vietnam's very own self-proclaimed superhero, Tùng Lâm. Get this... it cost a total of $480. Bruce Wayne just shivered.

Read on to see more pics and a video of the Batpod in action tearing up the streets of Vietnam.

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Awesome 3D Concept F1 Batmobile Tumbler Race Car

The Dark Knight's batmobile has been converted into a F1 race car by KnightVision3D for your mind popping pleasure. Made in 3DS Max 2013, Rendered Mental Ray with Photometric Lights Ambient Occlusion and Zdepth Passes.

"This is what [knightvision3d] has come up with, an Amalgamation of F1 inspiration, Tumbler technology and two Jet Turbines. Ignoring the rules of fixed aerodynamics, [knightvision3d] has added hydraulic flaps and allowed the air collected above the cockpit to be funneled around the turbine exhaust and out under the rear diffuser. "

Make sure you read see more of this sick 3D rendering.

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