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Watch a Video of a Beetle Killing a Frog and then Rip it Open like a PRO

If there is one thing I love watching, it is animals being put into a tank together where they are forced into a lovely Mortal Kombat style death dance where only ONE may survive. You have no idea how hooked I was to [ Japanese Bug Fights ], which is undoubtedly one of the best sites ever and I hope it makes you cry because it is so cool.

"Hey this is video of a beetle eating a frog.. if i was there i would have eaten them both, but not before kissing the frog to see if it'd turn into a prince!" - ( .  Y  . )

Spotted at [ gizmodo ]


JEDI KITTENS is a Lightsaber Battle you Should Stop and Watch Right Now

"Don't be fooled by their cuteness because they are really some crazy Jedi Kittens!"


Street Gang Fighting, JEDI Style

Lightsaber Switchblades vs. Lightsaber Nunchucks?! Watch this epic gang fight play out in Jedi style.

Directed by Sam Macaroni

[ shaycarl.com ]


Epic Old Style Kenjutsu Jedi Lightsaber Battle 

The Exotic Jedi from Japan, Old style Kenjutsu´╗┐ "Tenshin Shoden Katori Shintou Ryu"

Anciently Epic Lightsabering


Shark vs. Narwhal in Epic Sword Lightning Battle

This is a print that you might want to have above your bed to remind you that things can and always will be epic as hell as long as we have sharks, narwhals and lighting bat/skull swords.

SHARK: "It is known that sharks are sweet at jumping out of the water in slow motion and fucking shit up with their massive jaws and razor sharp teeth."

NARWHAL: "Hark! The narwhal! A vicious stabber! A vicious stabber indeed! Thou art a stabber of ice! A stabber of prey! A stabber of sharks who wield swords of enchantment!"

[ source ]


Darth Vader Versus Link is Fantastically Scifi-Cool

Star War's very own Darth Vader versus Zelda's personal woodland hero Link would make for quite the epic battle. Made by vitorzago, this would make for brutally awesome gladiator-esque entertainment. Remember DeadSpace in 3D? Yeah, same artist.


Gang Fight Lightsaber Battle Gets Your Ass Knocked Out

Wait?! What!?! He's got a lightsaber man! Let the gentleman's duel begin.


New Battle: Los Angeles Trailer Makes Earth Look Worth Saving


March is my least favorite month out of the year, but maybe this March will be different. 3-11-2011 Battle: Los Angeles will be hitting the theaters hard and this new trailer is making it look pretty awesome.

I, for one, enjoy the more realistic portrayal of the human military versus viciously resource hungry aliens. OMG it's Avatar in reverse!? Maybe, but I am willing to bet that skyline wishes it took this approach. What do you think?

spotted at [ topless robot ]


Epic Mega Street Battle: Cat vs. Cat vs. Crows Street Fighter Edition

Just sit back and let the battle begin. The sound is absolutely perfect.

Thanks Nathan (time cop) for the tip.