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Robot Ninja Lager

Are you the type that likes to drink in the shadow? Are you made of metal? Then this Robot Ninja Sorachi Lager just might be the beer you have been hunting for.

*throws ninja star, shoots eye laser*

"The light, yet full-flavoured rice lager is delicately brewed and bottle fermented with a precisely calculated blend of high quality malt and an exotic, Japanese Sorachi Ace hop. This all combines to create a fruity aroma and a surprisingly sweet finish that has been known to remind some of toffee or even bubble gum. Very much like Tokyo Night life, it's the kind of thing that has to be experienced to be believed."

[ robotninjalager ] photo via tnpro.


Beer Labels in Motion

Have you ever drank so HARD that the label on the bottle started to move? GOOD. From Magic Hat #9 to Dogfish Head, artist Trevor Carmick took some pretty awesome beers and animated them into mind-numbingly trippy bottles.

Read on to see more.

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Drink Up Vault Hunter! Check Out These Borderlands 2 Beer Labels

Let's face it, living on Pandora is hard. Killing everything in sight while trying to keep your hands on Moxxi's assets is a way of life that deserves a cold drink. Artist, Nick Fillis made these awesome Borderlands 2 inspired beer labels that can convert your beer bottles into something that might make Matchstick rethink his entire life.

Read on to see them all.

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It's Beer Chugging Time: Helles Golden Lager 360 Pop Top Lid

Seriously... WHY did this technology take so long to become a reality??!!? Canned beers are (have made) making a fierce comeback. They are more compact than bottles and when you are done, you can smash them against your face, thus making claim that you are the toughest man alive.

Sly Fox brewing company from Pennsylvania came up with a solid way to dump all that beer directly into your guts at the highest speed possible. They simply removed the entire top just like a can of vienna sausage cocktail weenies and then dump it down your throat like a pro.

"This technology allows the full flavor and aroma of the beer to hit the drinker's senses"

aka chugging.


Watch a Massive 60,000 Beer Bottle Cap Wall Built in 2 Minutes

Over 60,000 beer bottle caps were sent to the Kegworks (Buffalo, New York) headquarters by friends and customers that were used to cover and entire gigantic 459 square feet of wall space. It took 43 employees about two months to complete by placing each cap by hand on a magnetic wall. You get to see it all happen in about 2 minutes.

Cheers to beers.

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The Last Barfighter is a Stand up Arcade that Dispenses BEER

Now you can fight at the arcade and drink right in the same spot!

"What’s more memorable: sampling a beer poured by a bartender, beer rep or festival worker, or sampling a beer poured from a video arcade machine after you defeat your pathetic opponent in a game called “The Last Barfighter”? Everything about the Big Boss Brewery Beercade was handcrafted in-house at McKinney"

Read on to watch a video of the barfighter arcade in action...

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Blastoise vs. Charizard Pokemon Beer Pong Table

Line up those red and white cups, cause you gotta drink them all!

Blastoise vs. Charizard on dueling gameboy pokemon tables.


It's Dangerous to go Alone! Drink This... Yuengling Beer

As Link embarks on his quest, he might as well drink the finest (and really, only) thing that the entire state of Pennsylvania has to offer... Yuengling beer. Hylian Princesses love beer muscles.


Prepare Your Guts: Game of Thrones BEER Coming in March

Now you can drink like a king with this 'Iron Throne Blonde Ale' coming from Ommegang Brewery out of Cooperstown, NY. The beer will be released in tandem with the HBO show on March 31, 2013.

"Iron Throne is a blonde ale at 6.5% ABV and brewed with a robust amount of pils, honey, aroma malts and red wheat. Gentle hopping includes Styrian Golding and Hallertau, appropriately noble hops."

Sounds good enough to soothe any Dothraki's inner dragon. 


Beer Drinkin' Like a Hobbit: The Real Life Green Dragon Pub

Drinking fine ale like a Hobbit while reading/watching anything to do with Middle Earth is one of your favorite things to do. ADMIT IT. How would you like to spend your drunkin' mushroom lovin' hairy foot balad singing times in this incredibly awesome recreation of 'The Green Dragon' located in the far away land of New Zealand.

"The pub offers exclusive drinks on tap including two beers, a cider and ginger beer and features original looking interiors."

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Deep Fried Beer Battered Bacon Doritos

I love snack foods. In fact, I love them more than regular food. The dudes at dudefoods came up with a fantastic idea of deep frying doritos in a mixture of beer batter and bacon bits.

"The hot oil also caused the batter to expand around the chips a little bit, so they sort of ended up looking like little puff pastries."



The Chainmail Beer Stein For Chugging Like a Medieval Knight

Sometimes you want to kick back and drink while impaling your broadsword into the nearest bar patron (who happens to be an evil wizard and you know it).

"It weighs about 5lbs and stands 7.5 inches tall. Its a pretty unpractical way of holding a beverage, what with all the holes in it, but as a sculpture its pretty awesome. Plus a pint glass fits in it, so there's that."

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