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Volkswagen Bus AT-AT Walker is Transportation for the Imperial Hippy

If only Jimi Hendrix had a moment (he is dead) to do some guitar magic for the dark side's imperial march, it would go perfectly well with viewing this VW AT-AT. Apparently, it was spotted by journalist Jack Schofield and all we know about it is that it may or may not be in some retired stormtroopers backyard now who is now a resident of planet Earth. Yes, that retired stormtrooper smokes grass.

Spotted at [ geekologie ]


Watch a Video of a Beetle Killing a Frog and then Rip it Open like a PRO

If there is one thing I love watching, it is animals being put into a tank together where they are forced into a lovely Mortal Kombat style death dance where only ONE may survive. You have no idea how hooked I was to [ Japanese Bug Fights ], which is undoubtedly one of the best sites ever and I hope it makes you cry because it is so cool.

"Hey this is video of a beetle eating a frog.. if i was there i would have eaten them both, but not before kissing the frog to see if it'd turn into a prince!" - ( .  Y  . )

Spotted at [ gizmodo ]


I Could Watch this Beetle Walking All day


I cannot help it... I stare at you all day little fella. Where are you off to? Slow down buddy. You are just a litte beetle... a little beetle that can tear my freakin' limbs off me if I take my eyes off you for just a second... but you wont.