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Battlefield 3 Sniper Rifle Head Shot Jet Swap Video

Sick of your current jet? Then jump out of it mid flight and shoot the guy tailing you in the head and take his! I know what you are saying.. "Hey, that looks just like the mid-air RPG jet exploding video!?" Well, you would be right but yeah.. sniper rifle this time! That's fun!

Thanks go to Jason for he still wishes I played BF3... and sometimes, so do I.


Battlefield 3 Mid-Flight Jet Jump RPG Shot Recreated in Real Life

Remember the Battlefield 3 in-game video of ridiculous where the guy jumps out of his own jet mid-flight, shoots the oncoming attacker with an RPG and then safely jumps back into his jet and flies into the fireball of destruction? Well, if it rings a bell, watch the above video, it was made into THE REAL by the same guys that brought you this awesome vid of BF3 combat made real.

Read on to watch the original.

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