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TRON x Grumpy Cat x Boba Fett

Combining our favorite Mandalorian, TRON and the ever disapproving Tard, this mashup is perfectly ridiculous by heroforpain. Bounty hunt? NO.

"This Boba Fett and his companion Grumpy Cat. Fett has armed himself with as many canons and armor as possible, The top two are controlled by Grumpy cat. These two are basically a two man wrecking crew."


Vintage Life-Size Boba Fett Action Figure Oil Painting

Mats Gunnarsson enjoys converting vintage toys and comic books into incredibly awesome oil paintings. This badass Boba Fett painting is his latest work and I am a Slave One to it's awesomeness.


This Boba Fett Stained Glass is Perfect for the Church of Mandalorian

Praise Boba... praise him. Check out the newest addition to the stained glass collection by mclanesmemories who brought us such awesomeness as the Boba Fett Helmet Lamp.

To the left, natural lighting the Fett. To the right, artificial lighting the Fett.

Just imagine that you had an actual church filled with glowing stained glass panels of bounty hunters. A boy's dream and a geek man's desire.


Make Yourself This Simple, Yet Very Cool Boba Fett Helmet Lamp

Getting your hands on your own custom Boba Fett lamp can be pricey! So, major league mods made this very awesome helmet lamp that can be built from cheap parts you can find at a thift store (and a RGB Remote LED light bulb easily found at newegg or ebay).

Read on to see more... and build your own.

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Mixin' Like a Bounty Hunter: The Boba Fett KitchenAid

Crafter tommyfilth convinced his wife to buy a busted down old KitchenAid for Christmas so he could refurbish it into this Boba Fett inspired mixer. Mandalorian cookies? 1000 year old Sarlacc pit pizzas?! What do you think?


Mandalorian Samurai Warrior Boba Fett Armor Cosplay 

Shogun Boba Fett warrior suit created by Allen Armis inspired by the Boba Fett Samurai artwork by Clinton Felker.

Make sure you read on and check out more.

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Boba Recall Helmet: Boba Fett / Total Recall "Two Weeks" Lady Mashup

Get ready for a disintegration surprise!!

Part of the "As You Wish Helmet Project" this Boba Fett / "Two Weeks" lady from Total Recall was made by artist, Tom Spina. In short, this helmet was made for a good cause.

Read on to see more of this bounty hunting awesome helmet from mars.

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Steampunk Boba Fett and Steampunk Doctor Doom Rapper Stance

Doctor Doom and Boba Fett are tough as god damn nails, and they know it. Boba Fett sure has legs hairy enough to remove the back side of a star destroyer.

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Skull Wars: Demon Stormtrooper and Boba Fett Sketches

Check out these supercool sketches of a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett demonized as ink on paper. These are one of a kind pieces created by Japanese & Japanese-American Artists featured at Rotofugi gallery from December 9, 2011-January 8, 2012 in Chicago, IL. Each print goes for $1,300 and you can get one of you are so bold. Read on to check out the Fett.

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Sexy Boba Fett Bounty Hunting for a Bra Full of Stripper Cash

Sometimes all you need is a cute girl in a Boba Fett helmet with her underwear full of Abe Lincolns and George Washingtons to brighten up your weekend. Lady Fett has to afford her jetpack somehow, right?

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Hot Bounty Hunting: Full Body Painted Lady Boba Fett with Slave Gimp

Hold onto your disintegration guns, it is a super hot lady Boba Fett in full red body paint for YOUR (mine too) enjoyment. The paint job was done by Paul Roustan and the pretty lady you see there is Sarula.

Make sure you read on to watch a cool time lapse video of her getting all painted up and tugging around the gimp (which they like to call Slave1, like the ship.. get it?).

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Boba Fett Riding a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony For The Epic Win

"Boba Fett of "Star Wars" riding a bad ass version of Rainbow Dash from "My little Pony" standing on a rainbow mushroom cloud......"

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