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Make this Real: Ben & Jerry's Boba Fett's Carbonite Crunch Ice Cream

No freezer disintegrations please! We need the chocolate Han Solos alive. This design was made by Jonny Etc and it sure does look scrumptious (even to a Wookie). I would shovel this into my face with a full to scale life-sized space transport, one hyperjump at a time.

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Ink a Giant Boba Fett Tattoo on Your Leg and Call it Forever

What kind of lady would put a giant Boba Fett Helmut tattoo surrounded by roses on their leg? An awesome one. This piece was made by Josh over at Classy Tattoo Co.

"I have always been a hidden nerd and what way to show my love for Starwars then by getting a sweet portrait of my favourite silent hero Boba Fett. When Josh was interested in doing a star wars tattoo i jumped for the opportunity! We have recently started add on to this piece and will post a photo when its completed!!"

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Behold: The Boba Fett Stained Glass Helmet Tiffany Lamp

Are you one of those types that has a living room, a bed room, a kitchen? Then this Boba Fett Helmet Lamp just might be for you as obviously it would look good in any of those pre-mentioned options. Just beware of trying to wear this helmet as it might lead to an instant disintegration.

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Hunt for Galactic Booty with a Female Boba Fett Leg Tattoo

The idea of a female Boba Fett has inspired Star Wars geeks for ages. Now, it might be time to get a cartoonish Lady Fett tattoo'd on your leg to show your bounty hunting women's rights respect. All you have to do is procure a voluptuous lady, strap on a Boba Fett Helmet, and you are good to go.

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Smoke Boba Fett's Glass Pipe Helmet and Mentally Disintegrate

Whoa... Wait. WHOA! The mouth piece is apparently inside the helmet as you can actually wear it and smoke yourself into a galaxy far far away. Photos of BANJO's glass piece by Kevin Murray who have now become heroes to all the Star Wars geek stoners of the cosmos, which is pretty much everyone this side of the milk way.

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Visual Boba Fett is Offering Bounty Hunting Services

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Boba Fett Arm Tattoo: Mess with the Best, Die Like the Rest

Truer words have never been inked on skin.

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The Incredible YODA Versus Iron Fett Mashup

This is one mashup that I do not think anyone saw coming. Awesomely and oddly, it works so well. Force pushes and disintegrations FTW.

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Super Mario and Boba Fett Mashup?!?!


Have we gone too far?!? Well, if you are into complete 8-bit insanity mixed with one helluva bounty hunter, you are in luck, cause you have one day to go get it at teefury


Boba Fett in a Top Hat, Chewbacca Monocle, and a Dignified C3P0 

Who doesn't love appreciate a good Victorian painting?! Greg here sure finds it quite the suitable style to portray some of our favorite star wars characters. Tip of the hat to you sir. Check out the rest... 

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