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I Just Shot My Web: Juju Salimeni Does Spider-Man in Full Body Paint

This is Spider-man in full body paint on Brazillian model Juju Salimeni of Legendarios.


Eye Popping Game Boy vs Game Boy Color Lady Graffiti Body Paint

Check out these awesome iterations of the original game boy and the game boy color painted on ladies by photographer Nicolas Ahouansou. Who wins? As much as I love the color, Tetris kinda does it for me.

Let's be honest... we all win.


Force Choke Yourself With Some Lady Darth Vader Body Painting

The Dark Side of the force is strong with this body painted lady spotted at the Solstice Parade 2012 at the Fremont Fair in Seattle, WA. The parade is filled with people who like to ride bicycles in the nude covered in paint and dressed up like Star Wars characters.

Mix that up with space hallucinogens and it sounds like my kinda geek party.

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Female Predator Body Paint is Something Your Eyes Need to See

Female Predators. We love them. We fear them. We ogle them.

This here is model Melissa after she was painted up by sculptor/painter/photographer/ultra badass Simon aka marshon. Besides being full of nerd sexy awesome, this body paint job is incredibly detailed and begs you to read on to check out MORE of her.

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Hot Bounty Hunting: Full Body Painted Lady Boba Fett with Slave Gimp

Hold onto your disintegration guns, it is a super hot lady Boba Fett in full red body paint for YOUR (mine too) enjoyment. The paint job was done by Paul Roustan and the pretty lady you see there is Sarula.

Make sure you read on to watch a cool time lapse video of her getting all painted up and tugging around the gimp (which they like to call Slave1, like the ship.. get it?).

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Super Hot Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Langley Cosplay

Asuka Langley

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