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Aliens Facehugger 'Parasitoid' Made From Animal Bones

Game over man! This aliens (xenomorph) facehugger aka  'Parasitoid' is made of box turtle, mink, skunk, coyote, mouse, and wild turkey bones. This gnarly sculpture was crafted by Forgotten Boneyard who brought you skeletal awesomeness such as the Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II.

I too wish this was sucking on my face right now.


Kick Back and Watch Flesh Eating Beetles Eat Some Birds to the Bone

Ever wonder how you get a bird skeleton to look so nice and white? BEETLES.

"Watch a time-lapse video showing the [ Natural History Museum's ] smallest workers, flesh-eating beetles, preparing the skeletons of a great green macaw, tawny owl and mountain peacock-pheasant"

Chemical baths can actually ruin the bones, so flesh eating beetles are used to do the job of eating away at the delicious hunks of meat rendering the skeleton clean and ready to be showcased to the public. Talk about the easiest job ever. Pay me to eat? SIGN ME UP.


Animal Bone 'Little Shop of Horrors' Audrey II Sculpture is Freakin' Awesome

Forgotten Boneyards has assembled this completely awesome homage to Little Shop of Horrors with this sculpture called the 'Audrii Muscipula' that was made from Mink vertebrae/scapula, Box turtle shells, a Skunk skull, Coyote teeth, and Raccoon mandibles.

Obviously, this is one of the most badass skeletal creations you have ever seen today. So read on to see MORE of it. Feed me Seymour!

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Sick Wall-Mounted Spider Skeleton Made From a Monkey Skull

What better to spice up your living room than a skunk-jawed monkey skull with a variety pack of other woodland creature bones wired to it and shaped into a giant spider?  I like to think of this as the Voltron of animal bones coming together to form some sort of weird arachnid wall creature that is certain to make you the strangest (awesomest) person around.

"Spider skeleton made from: monkey skull, cat/bird/raccoon/deer bones, walnut stain, red oil paint, bone glue, wire. A creepy companion"

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The Definitive Human Anatomy LEGO Skeleton

I am not sure you can get any better/creepier than this when making a full on skeleton out of LEGO. Of course, anyone can feel free to prove me wrong. This masterpiece was made by Choking Hazards, aka Clay Morrow. Keep moving forward and see all the boney detail.

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Evolution of Type: The Alphabet Made From Meat and Bones

These meat letters are actually made by combining wood, polymer clay, chicken bones, wire, acrylics, clear varnish, but one thing is for certain, they sure look delicious. Created by Andreas Scheiger from Vienna, Austria. There are many more letters for you to check out by reading on.

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Dangerous Bling: AK47 and Skulls Made From Swarovski Crystals

Nicola Bolla, you and I have a great deal in common... a love for skulls and AK47s. This site specific art project was showcased at the Milan Design Week, which ran from April 12th to the 17th of 2011. Each piece was hand-crafted out of hundreds of individual Swarovski crystals which incuded an AK47, skulls, a ribcage, thighbones and chests bones. Need to see more? Read on.

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Transparent Animals with Bones Colored with Science 

Scientists are great... especially when they make cool looking art out of dead creatures. Here they figured out a way to make  the flesh of these critters totally see-thru and completely awesome looking. Read on to see a video and more pics...

"The production of these samples must be transparent liquid several types of special. First protein, the muscles that become transparent, blue stained cartilage, requires an uncompromising magenta dyeing liquid. This process but it does not change the liquid every human solid must manually each."

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Saturn Death Rings made from Skulls and Bones