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The Last Barfighter is a Stand up Arcade that Dispenses BEER

Now you can fight at the arcade and drink right in the same spot!

"What’s more memorable: sampling a beer poured by a bartender, beer rep or festival worker, or sampling a beer poured from a video arcade machine after you defeat your pathetic opponent in a game called “The Last Barfighter”? Everything about the Big Boss Brewery Beercade was handcrafted in-house at McKinney"

Read on to watch a video of the barfighter arcade in action...

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Beer Drinkin' Like a Hobbit: The Real Life Green Dragon Pub

Drinking fine ale like a Hobbit while reading/watching anything to do with Middle Earth is one of your favorite things to do. ADMIT IT. How would you like to spend your drunkin' mushroom lovin' hairy foot balad singing times in this incredibly awesome recreation of 'The Green Dragon' located in the far away land of New Zealand.

"The pub offers exclusive drinks on tap including two beers, a cider and ginger beer and features original looking interiors."

Make sure you read on to see more pics...

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I Can Buy?!? Liquor That Trickles Over The Breasts of Sexy Ladies

Do you like Vodka? Whiskey? How about Rum? Well, would you drink them after they were dripped down the breasts of naked women for about $150 a bottle? Answer: Yes.

German booze company, G-Spirits, wanted to sell 5000 limited edition boob-dripping bottles that REALLY enhances the boozing-up process by making you believe you are sucking on a delicious naked woman. And this time, she is ALIVE.

Read on to see a making of the boob booze video.

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Self-Contained Vodka Filled Watermelon Keg

Are you the type to enjoy a vodka filled watermelon, but you hate all the effort and time it takes to get the mind soothing liquidy goodness? Sure you are, you want/need it fast! You are a lazy summer's drunkard... and that is the sacred way of a lazy summer's drunkard. I get you.

So, grab yourself a watermelon, core it out, add booze, a spout and get to drinking yourself into some lazy melon madness... nice and easy.

[ source ] via [ neatorama ]


Hey Barkeep, Pass Me One of Those Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shots

Sometimes booze comes from a bottle (most times) and sometimes booze comes from an alien hemorrhaging out gnarly celestial goodness that can take away your universal blues.


"To make an alien brain hemorrhage cocktail, fill a shot glass halfway with peach schnapps. Gently pour Bailey's Irish Cream on top. After the shot is almost full, carefully add a small amount of blue curacao. After it settles, add a small splash (or a few drops) of grenadine syrup."

Read on to watch a video of the making of this alien shot.

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Futuristic Boozing from a Bio-Mechanical Cocktail Making Dress

Called DareDroid 2.0 - The human host wearing the suit will give you a cocktail based on your answers to a game of 'Truth or Dare'. Apparently, you play the game on a touch screen and you are rewarded with a drink depending on the "legitimacy" of your answer. They claim that the fluid dispensed is non-alcoholic, but who is kidding who? By the end of a night of questioning, that lady and her suit are coming home with me regardless of what it pumps out.

Read on to watch a video of the suit in action with a much better explaination along with some pretty robo-drunkenly slick pics.

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Limited Edition Sparkling Evangelion Wine "Eva" up for Grabs

EVA01 BRUT - dry | EVA00 SEC - slander | EVA02 DEMI SEC - sweet

These limited edition bottles are so limited that they are making only 333 of each type. The wine is bottled in France and only the richest of your friends wil be able to snag one as they are about $600 a bottle. OH I see... YOU are rich? Great! Buy me one (of each).

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Skeletor Busts in on a Drunk and Surprised He-Man on the Toilet

This happens to me at least twice a week. Damn you Skeletor! Stop busting up my bathroom door! A man's toilet is a man's Eternia.

Spotted at [ iheartchaos ]


Bicycle Wine Rack for Bike Messenger Drunkenness

Be a mobile wino! This wine carrier is made of leather with brass fittings and is flexible enough to fit a variety pack of wine bottle sizes. Note to developer: Please make one large enough to fit either a Colt 45 or a King Cobra. Read on to see more.

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Pour Your Booze Down a Star Destroyer Ice Luge

Take one giant hunk of ice (300lbs) and strategically attack it with a chainsaw, crafting it into a huge ice Star Destroyer luge that you can use to rocket cold tequila shots right into your face. Sounds like one hell of an afternoon. Read on to see more photos of this beast in action.

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St. Patty's Day Drunken Sweet Tooth: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

"These cupcakes are fashioned after the popular “Irish Car Bomb” cocktail that consists of a shot of Baileys Irish Cream and Irish whiskey dropped into a pint of Guinness."

A Guinness-chocolate cake base filled with an Irish whiskey chocolate ganache and topped with a vanilla frosting loaded with Baileys Irish Cream. Sounds boozily delicious!

Go [ here ] and learn how to make them all for yourself.


Limited Edition Colored Metallic J&B Scotch Eccentric Bottles

Calling this the J & B Eccentric Line (pink, yellow, purple, orange, green, and blue), soon you will be able to drink your scotch, eat your lucky charms, ride a unicorn, and this time, feel less like a complete drunk with double-rainbow vision all across the bathroom floor.

Instead, you will feel colorful, vibrant and totally lucky as you ride the scotch super laser power boozefest right into an inebriated oblivion. Ahhhhh... hic... and it's only Tuesday.

[ jbscotch.com ] via [ swipelife ]