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Custom Crafted LED Glowing Borderlands 2: Zero Sword

Care to chase people around in stealth mode like a post-apocalyptic assassin? Well then minion, you will need yourself a super slick glowing sword just like the one you see above. This Borderlands 2: Zero Sword was built by crafter Sadistic-Otaku out of wood, blue acrylic blue LED ribbon, toggle switch, battery snap, 9v battery and swears he has never cut someone in half with it... sure you haven't buddy.

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Awesome Custom Borderlands 2 Replica Psycho Bandit Mask

If you are like me, you have been playing Borderlands 2 for hours on end for the past few weeks. Seriously, the first time I met 'Matchstick' I KNEW there were more than a few bandits out there that I could completely relate to. Captainhask made an awesome wearable replica bandit mask with glowing blue LED eyes that would make you look like the grenade toting psycho that you truly are. SHOOT ME IN THE FACE.