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Rare 'Split' Orange / Black Color Lobster Caught

A Boston lobster fisherman caught this rare (1 out of 75 million) lobster that has a perfect split down the middle orange and black. Coincidentally, this Halloween style 1lb female lobster was shipped to the Boston Aquarium on Oct 31 and represents something that I would love to eat with a side of candy corn.

"... scientists believe this occurs during a cellular division when the lobster egg is first fertilized, the aquarium said."

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Get Around Boston Like Mario with this Super MBTAWORLD Map

Hey Bostonites! Need to use the MBTA to get around town? Well it's time to do it like Mario (or Peach if you are lady) with this clever little Super Mario World map made by Adam Summerville from "the awesome side of the Charles River." 

[ source ] via [ pixelated palace ]


The Park Spark Project: Turning your Dog's Poop into Light

Dogs... what in the hell are they good for? Yep, you guess it. Poop. 

Dogs are amazing little shit machines. Whenever and wherever they can, they will produce an outrageously ripe turd that no one ever truly knows what to do with. So, this fellow by the name Matthew Mazzotta decided to put up a kaka collection station in a park in Cambridge, MA. and call it The Park Spark. It consists of a couple of 500-gallon oil tanks that store the little ass kabobs and convert it into methane gas that is burned off to produce light. READ ON...

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