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Yes, This is a Chicken Flavored Ramen Noodle Soup CAKE

Now, I would imagine that this cake doesn't actually taste like ramen chicken soup, but I would hope that it does.


Angry Sloth God Cake with His Satanic Strawberry Acolytes

The sloth god beith angry and hungry! Send to Him a sacrificial strawberry and temper His rage!


Slice into Dexter Morgan's Head Made From Delicious and Creepy Cake

To celebrate the start of the final Dexter season, Conjurers Kitchen baked up this realistic and rather creepy full-size Dexter Morgan cake.

"Inspired by the name of Dexter’s boat – A Slice of Life – the cake was 5ft 10” long, the same height as Michael C. Hall, the actor who has played Dexter for the past eight years. The entire cake took over 100 hours to make and weighed over 105 kilograms.  24 eggs, 25 kilograms of flour, 16 kilograms of buttercream, 18 kilograms of sugar, 20 kilograms of sugar paste and marzipan, and 15 kilograms of buttercream were used in the creation of the edible masterpiece. 20 blood oranges were also used, the cake flavour inspired by the iconic titles of the series."

A slice of life CAKE.


8-Bit Sweetness: The Epic NES Super Mario Bros Level Cake

Check out this awesome Super Mario Bros cake that represents the water, land and sky levels. It was baked up and decorated by master cakesmith Cakecrumbs who just brought baked desserts back to the oldschool.

Read on to see this cake in finer detail.

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Hey Homie, Check out this Adventure Time Cake

Adventure time makes every time adventurous, especially CAKE TIME. This cake was made for a contest at deliciousdafood by ginas cakes.

"The biggest challenge for [ gina's cakes ] was to try to make the whole cake look seamless all the way round as the design had a front and back."


Is it Filled with Meth?! A Breaking Bad Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

How would you like to cut into your birthday cake to find it LOADED with yummy methamphetamines! Ok, so it really isn't filled with meth (as far as we know), but it was baked by hollyicing for her friend's big day.

"The eye ball was going to be a gob stopper but [she] couldn't get a plain white one in the right size so lumped for a ball of white marzipan. The whole thing was splashed with black food dye and then burnt a bit to give it that burnt bear look."

Read on to see a closeup.

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Hyper Realistic Borderlands Claptrap Wedding Cake

Hello minions! Time to get married and eat your robot leader as an impressive wedding cake. This Claptrap cake was baked and shaped by Black Sheep Custom Cakes for the groom who I can only assume has been playing Borderlands 2 and ignoring his wife just like the rest of us married folk.

[ source ] via [ nerdalicious ]


Star Wars R2D2 Cake Looks Too Real To Eat

Ever wanted to celebrate your birthday while taking a bite out of R2? Well, this well-crafted R2D2 cake feeds around 30-40 humans, but if you are blessed with a Sarlacc pit gut, I am quite sure you can fit R2 inside you over the course of a thousand drugged out nerf herding years.

[ source ] via [ nerdalicious ]


Apology Accepted: The "Sorry I Put it in Your Butt" Cake

I know what you are thinking... We've ALL been down this road. Listen, even if you meant to do it or it was just a slip up, nothing says "I'm sorry" like a cake.


One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor and Eat an Eye of Sauron Cake

The great eye of frosting sees all. Orcs have birthdays too I would imagine...

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Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus and a Baby Cake is One Magical Treat

The immense rainbow power combined with a pegasus unicorn and baby made into a birthday cake that you can push into your toothy face hole is well beyond any of our comprehensions. This cake was crafted by Heather S. for her daughter that just turned 7. Happy Birthday kiddo, I bet the baby was the sweetest part to eat, they ALWAYS are. Amirite?!

[ source ] via [ incrediblethings ]


Let's Eat This Game of Thrones Cake

How would you like to eat a throne of swords made out of cake? Made by Kensei Yonzon and Nicole Villar Balaoing.

[ source ] via [ nerdalicious ]