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Expensively Cool Carbon Fiber Flask for Your Expensive Booze

Oakley and The Macallan teamed up to make this "The Macallan. The Flask" which is made with food-grade steel, carbon fiber and aerospace-grade aluminum. All of this at a low low cost of $900 bucks and only 100 of these flasks are being made.  To get one, all you just have to do is get REAL drunk, click the buy button and have zero regrets.

"The Flask’s cap is double sprung to allow for effortless drinking, so it maintains an appropriate distance from the mouthpiece when in use for optimum enjoyment and allows for smooth open and close action."

Read on to watch a video of the carbon fiber flask in action.

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Fast and Furious Pooping: The Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Start your intestinal engines. The checkered flag of dumping has been waved!!! Go ! This super-expensive ($279.00) carbon fiber toilet seat is what you, you fast crapper, need to make your bathroom experience feel speedy, smooth and complete. Move over Kashi Go Lean, there is a new fiber in town.

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