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Epic Anime Time: Super Special Effect Cosplay Battle is Pure Eyecandy

Take some cosplay "people" and have them act out some fights, film it, add some blockbuster special effect and instantly you have this super awesome video to enjoy. One thing is for sure... I sure do love glowing warglaives.

"This was shot during Anime North 2011."

Spotted at [ geekologie ]


The Jedi A-Holes Strike Back

First there was jedi a-holes, and now... they strike back. Of course, made by famed internet cg star, Freddie Wong. I'd move the moon for you. Know it.

Spotted at [ gtdw ]


Space Invaders in Real Life Attack Planet Earth, Kinda!

Time to break out that old Atari and save the planet against the evil space invaders like you mean it. For real. Made by Jeremiah, who coincidentally WAS a bullfrog.


Zero from Mega Man (Rockman) x3 in Ultra High CG Detail

This is Mega Man's ZERO created with an insanely high polygon count by cg-sammu for the 2011 BRAWL TOURNAMENT where some of the world's awesomest CG artists are pitting against one another in a CG design battle to the death. The StarCraft influence on Zero is very slick.

"Participants will be working from a HUGE list of existing 2D or 3D fighting games to come up with their own 3D reinterpretations of their favorite FIGHTERS or STAGES."

[ build details ] and [ cg-sammu.net ]


Princess Peach... Don't Look So Surprised, You Knew I Was There

Oh Peach, you temptress. This 3D sexypic was made by Bjørnar Frøyse for a heaping mound of 16 year old geeks at a LAN party in Norway. Let me tell you, those Norwegians LOVE the digital lady skin, especially when it's Mario's coveted dame.

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


Iron Man Cenobite is a Demon Looking Hellraiser "Flesh Man"

I am Iron Man, give me your flesh.

"I thought I'd gone to the limits. I hadn't. The Cenobites gave me an experience beyond limits... pain and pleasure, indivisible." -Frank

[ source ] via [ herochan ]


StormTroopers Day Out in Tokyo Video

Awwww, aren't those little troopers adorable with how they fit right in with "normal" Japanese life? Such a pleasant day for hanging out with R2D2 and walking around the city.  Note: I will take the FREE BUTT plzkthnx.

Made by the same guys who brought you the very cool Stormtrooper Singing in the Rain dance video.


ShapeShifter: Awesomely Beautiful Robot-Morphing CG Short Film


Very cool and mesmerizing work done by charlex


Mech Yoshi is a Yoshi You Do NOT Want to Mess With

Yoshi... we know you are tough. Real tough. Why do you have to go make yourself tougher by operating a giant mech version of yourself??? You are THAT tough that you CAN.

[ source ]


TRON Hommage Disk Battle Super Short Tribute Video

Ok, this will only absorb a few seconds of your precious life. So click on and watch some cool looking fan made CG of TRON. Hey... yeah... it's TRON (so watch it).

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Iron Baby: Pretty Sick Looking Iron Man Parody

Click on to watch the video!

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Azureus Rising: Absolutely AWESOME Proof of Concept Film

"Azureus Rising is an epic tale of self discovery, obligation and love against all odds."

Amazing. This is a video short that could possibly be made into a feature film trilogy. After you watch the video... you will WANT that trilogy to be made. READ ON to watch the video. 

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