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The 'Ramen Burger' Has Been Invented

Who ever thought that one day we would see delicious ramen noodles turned into that of a delicious hamburger. Today, the "Ramen Burger" is a reality thanks to the good people at go ramen.


Insane Bloody Mary Topped with Whole Crawfish and Bacon Cheeseburger

Bloody Marys are getting RE-DICK-YOU-LUSS... check out this bloody topped with a "bacon and cheddar slider, shrimp, artisan cheese, beef jerky, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, green beans, okra, a pickle, onions, tomatoes, olives and even a whole crawfish."

A 32-ounce Bloody Mary that costs $20 and comes with a side of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

It is the brainchild of the Anvil Pub, in Deep Ellum, TX and will get you drunk for your morning, but keep you fed for DAYS.

[ source ] via [ incredible things ]


Jake's Wayback Burgers Offers a Rediculous 'Triple Triple' Cheeseburger

Jake's Wayback Burgers are offering this mind-numbingly impressive tower of 9 (triple x triple) beef patties paired with 9 slices of delicious american cheese and boasts an impressive 5100 calories. Apparently, this is the the tallest burger you can get at a major fast food restaurant.

Of course, the image you see above is their marketing photo, but if you read on you can see what the burger ACTUALLY looks like...

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4th of July Massive Cheeseburger on the Beaches of Independence

Have a fun and 4th of July filled with ten-layer cheeseburgers.

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Space Invaders Burger Incites Fear via Beefy Hunger

Space Invaders have been invading us since 1978. The great space burger formation just might be the end all attack. Pass the ketsup.

[ everything burger 365 ]


Burger’s Inner Core Shows You Where the YUM is

Cheeseburgers are delicious and this design shows you exactly why. Wouldn't it be great if there was a planet made out of burger? That would be a great day for science and the collective guts of humanity combined.

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The Stewie Griffin Burger: Victory for Beef Patties Everywhere

Mmmmmm.... I have always wanted to eat one of the Family Guy characters. Seriously, who hasn't though?

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


MEGA MAC Robot is Cheeseburger Mecha with Special Sauce


Mega Mac (watch commercial here) is four delicious patties of meat stacked within a sesame bun that has been converted into the most cholesterol laden robot ever to be conceived. Today is a good day.


LEGO Corellian CheeseBurger Millennium Falcon


Imagine what it would be like if McDonalds had total control over Star Wars, more than likely, the Millennium Falcon would look something like this (and episodes 1, 2 and 3). Created by the fellow named Maclane.

[ source ] via [ superpunch ]