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Farmer Batman's Tumbler Tractor

Gotham needs farming. This is an actual tractor built in the Netherlands that just so happens to look like the Dark Knight's very own tumbler.


Deadpool Portrait Made From Real Bullet Casings and Shotgun Shells

Mixed-medium artist and comic book geek, Mike Oncley put together this awesome Deadpool portait entitled "You Missed" exclusively for the MINTcondition Issue #2 Comic Book Show. Yes, it is made entirely from empty bullet casings and shotgun shells. To be honest, even if all of those actually HIT Dealpool, he would laugh it off and move along.

Read on to watch a quick video on how it was put together.

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Have a Lovely X-Men Cyclops Valentine: Everything is RED

This child's drawing might be the most accurate depiction of how our favorite optic blasting superhero Cyclops truly sees Valentine's Day.



Impressive Iron Man Mark XLVII Stained Glass Window

How would you like to have Iron Man as a freakin' WINDOW. Well, martian glass works from Atlanta, GA crafted up this super intricate piece of stained glass that features the MARK XLVII armor from Iron Man 3.

[ source ] via [ nerdapproved ]


Vietnamese Dude Builds His Own Dark Knight BatPod From Junk

This is a fully functional and completely awesome hand-built Dark Knight BatPod from scrap metal parts by Vietnam's very own self-proclaimed superhero, Tùng Lâm. Get this... it cost a total of $480. Bruce Wayne just shivered.

Read on to see more pics and a video of the Batpod in action tearing up the streets of Vietnam.

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Could This Be the New Spiderman Suit? 2099?

2099 is becoming more of a reality? Not really, but it looks like it.

The talented Eddie Yang has provided [cbm] with three costume designs for The Amazing Spider-Man.

[ comicbookmovie ]


The Amazing Spider-Man Ping-Pong Table

Check out this Limited Edition Spider-Man Table Tennis aka "Ping-Pong" table. The table was custom made for the SAEF 1st Annual "Ignite the Mind" by famed table maker Eleven Ravens. I know what you are thinking.. THAT might be the most badass beer pong table you have ever put your spidey senses on and if you click on, you can check out more of it.

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Woman's Ultrasound Reveals That Her Baby is Comic Villain Venom

What would you do if your ultrasound came back and your new baby on the way seemed to look exactly like comic book supervillain VENOM!? Well, take advantage of your findings and post on the internet for comic book nerds of the world to see, of course! Trust me, later on in life, your child will thank you when he or she is attempting to remove your face with their teeth.

[ source ] via Jason's IRC gang who always seems to be in hiding from their nagging wives. Aren't we all.. aren't we all.


Iron Man Skateboard

Kickflip, shuv it, ollie, impossible... I am Iron Man. This badass skateboard was painted up with oil paint in such a way that you could probably grind ANYTHING with it. The graphic was painted by joshing88 for a friend and I can only assume has a built in arc reactor for flight within the upper stratosphere.

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Cut Out SuperGirl Shirt is Quite Powerful and Heroically Revealing

I think we all now have a much greater appreciation for negative space.

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Darth Mario: A Super Mario Darth Vader Cosplay Mashup

Obviously this was spotted at the recent San Diego Comic Con.

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The Green Lantern Girl Would Make Any Geek Want to Propose

Wait... she KNOWS?! This girl knows how to get to any man's heart, as long as that man is a comic book and star wars geek. All n all, a pretty clever commercial for this site that wants you to love your lady (or your man) for the relaxed person that they are. Also that they are cool with you living off of doritos and energy drinks while hiding in the basement every night rolling dice with your warlock pals.

Let the force come and guide you into buying a ring for your destiny.

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